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From BIC to BKR: Black Innovation Capital Is Now BKR Capital

New Name, Same Vision

Black Innovation Capital is now BKR Capital.

A nod to history, this new name honours Mansa Abu Bakari II (also known as Abu Bakri II), the 14-century Malian Emperor who sailed from his Kingdom to the Americas in 1311. In the 1300s, the kingdom of Mali was one of, if not the strongest Empire in the world. His successor, Mansa Musa, is still known as the richest man that existed in history.

Bakari II himself was a pioneer, looking over the Atlantic and wanting to see what was on the other side. Using the most recent technology available in his Kingdom, and with access to the greatest minds out of Timbuktu University, he built and left Mali with 3000 boats, 2000 filled with his men, and 1000 filled with supplies to explore the new World. Historians later found traces of their arrival in the Americas, discovering Malian gold, as well as cultural influence in South and Central America.

To us, this is one of many great examples of early use of technology and innovation coming from Black cultures. As we look back at history, we know we want to support entrepreneurs (and the next-generation of investors) who are equally as forward thinking, bold, and willing to push boundaries in seeing what others say is impossible.

From BIC to BKR, we stay faithful to our mission of combining technology and networks to foster growth that will benefit the Black community.


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